Who we are

Air Prosystems Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 26, 2003. Co-founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Davao, it was the company's goal to provide the local market with professional solutions to their cooling system needs.

Over the years, because of the highly-personalized customer-oriented way AIRPRO does business, it has earned significant advances in improving client satisfaction, approval, loyalty and retention. Eventually our unique company practices captured the attention of all the leading brands in air conditioning.

One by one all the key global manufacturers have since recognized AIRPRO as a major partner in the industry. Since opening its doors the company has become one of the fastest growing dealers of air conditioning products not only in the region but also the entire country with branches all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Presently, the company has expanded its scope with the addition of various System Solutions products and services that cater to basic business, to overall building needs; from the planning, design, development, construction, installation, down to the furnishing stage.

Air Prosystems Inc. is a leading distributor and installer of all major air-conditioning products and equipment nationwide. Our services include Free Ocular Survey, Installation & Design Consultation, and Regular Service Maintenance Program.

We cater to clients across all market sectors from small to large scale residential, commercial, industrial and government projects. We employ the use of cutting edge, state-of-the-art tools.

Our technical group is regularly updated by the manufacturers on the latest trends and developments in air conditioning systems - its installation, design and maintenance. Our fleet of company vehicles are always on hand to respond to any service issue or concern no matter how remote the area.

The company serves as the front line of the key global manufacturers, we assist them in the dissemination of relevant information such as the right method of handling and using their products.

Additionally, through our unique highly-personalized client-centric approach, AIRPRO also aids in recommending the appropriate brand and model for installation in specific areas/spaces to ensure optimum cooling levels are always achieved. Last but not the least, AIRPRO's success in rapid market penetration can be attributed to the company's ability to help the manufacturers respond to after sales service concerns in an efficient and timely manner through the increased frequency of visits to our customers.


We guarantee cooling comfort and convenience professionally.


The preferred and trusted provider of cooling products and services.