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Air Prosystems, Inc. values and respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy informs you of your choice and practices regarding any Information you provide to us or generate in using our website. In compliance to Data Privacy Act 02 2012, we will only collect personal data that is provided to us voluntarily by you directly or indirectly. By providing us with your personal data and signing our consent form, you explicitly authorize Air Prosystems, Inc., our employees, authorized representatives, related companies, and third party service providers, to use, process and share Personal Data in order to complete your transaction, for marketing and promotional purposes, to improve our services, and other legitimate purposes. Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy Statement available at https://www.airpro.ph/privacy-policy to know more about:

  • the information we collect from you;

  • the purposes for collecting and processing personal Data;

  • the parties with whom we may disclose and share your Personal Data;

  • your rights as data subjects, i.e., your right to be informed, to object, access, correct or block your Personal Data, right to data portability, right to file a complaint and right to damages;

  • how long your information will be processed and retained. For inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy Statement and the processing of your personal data, as well as any concerns or complaints regarding data privacy, please email us.

We guarantee that our website operates in compliance with “Data Privacy Act of 2012, Republic Act No. 10173”. The objective of this policy is to disclose how the company collects, uses, retains and dispose the personal information of our customers. We provide this policy outlining our practices and security measures to ensure to the Data Subject that appropriate guidelines are in-place in handling their personal information.

To process your application or accommodate your request, the primary requirement is collection of personal information through the system. No other personal information will be collected apart from what is required. Your personal information will be processed as long as your account is active, and will be retained as required. Disposal of your personal information regardless of media are made in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access and disclosure.

With your full consent, there may be cases where we may need to disclose or entrust your personal information to our parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, contractors and partners (herein collectively referred to as “Service Group”), among others. Any personal information entrusted with such parties shall also be covered by the appropriate agreement contract, security requirements and annual monitoring and security checks to ensure that all personal information is adequately safeguarded in their possession.

Our company ensures the security and protection of your personal information against risk of data loss, unauthorized access and disclosure, alteration and unlawful processing. Aside from establishing policies, rules, procedures and guidelines, our company also ensures all information are secured and protected within the scope of the organization. Our company also has undertaken procedures to conduct Privacy Impact Assessment to evaluate and manage the impact of privacy of a particular project, program and process. Our company also ensures that a Personal Data Breach Management is in place.
Our company uses various appropriate and reasonable measures to safeguard your personal information, such as the following: Organizational measures: appointment of Data Protection Officer, access control policy, security awareness training, among others. Physical measures: security on data centers, card storage, biometric devices, among others. Technical security measures: encryption, anti-virus software, among others. PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT In order for the company to process your application for accreditation, Air Prosystems, Inc. may require you to provide personal information, such as but not limited to the following:

E-mail Address
Mobile/Landline/Fax Number
Home/Office Address
Signature specimen (applicable to physical forms only)
CCTV (validation of business documents)
Voice recordings
Questions, comments or concerns or complaints (either through voice recording or email conversation) Should you choose not to provide and agree on the above personal information, our company may not be able to process your application, accommodate your request or offer its services.

Our website use cookies. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are automatically downloaded to your computer or device when you visit a website. Cookies send data back to the originating website on each subsequent visit. Cookies are useful to you because they allow a website to recognize your device and browsing habits in order to give you a seamless and smooth browsing experience. We will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you.

As data subject you have the right to be informed, to object, to access, to rectify, to erasure or blocking, to damages, to data portability and to complain in relation to your personal information under the Data Privacy Act of 2012. If you wish to correct or update your personal information, we may ask some information in order to verify and ensure the identity to avoid unwanted disclosure of personal information. We have included here contact information that can be used to voice clarifications and complaints relative to your personal information. Any complaint should be made in writing, clearly state the material facts, specify your contact information and include supporting evidence.


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The owner of this Privacy Policy is the Data Protection Officer. Reviewing and updating of this document shall be the responsibility of the owner.

Our company shall review and update of this Privacy Policy in case there is a change in data processing on the website to align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices, revamp of the website to adapt with new technologies and protocols, or to comply with government and regulatory requirements, among other legitimate purposes. As Data Subject, our company will ensure that you will be notified if changes in the Privacy Policy is extensive and will cause undue intrusion into your privacy.